International Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day and all around the world people fighting against sexism, discrimination and gender bias are celebrating and remembering. We remember all the great women who have fought for equality. We remember heroines and scientists, artists and politicians, all women who have decided to act on the right to have dreams….

LeBron James

This article is about Lebron James’ Life. Read it and write to as if you want learn about someone else!

Mr. Many-eyes

Read the latest submission to the monster series! Thanoulis has written about his creature which lives and eats quite like human beings! Come and check it out!


My monster has huge wings, big feet and its decently built body helps him in battle.With a fire tail and strong feet he destroys anyone stupid enough to get in his way. It also has two intimidating big horns made out of obsidian that can crush walls made out of diamond. He is blue with…

Lord of the Toilet

My monster’s name is Lord of the toilet. His body is made out of toilette paper, his hands are made out of soap and his feet are toothbrushes . He has big green eyes and a black mustache. He wears towels for clothes. His favorite food is spaghetti with cheese and he also loves salads,…

Jules Verne

Jules Gabriel his middle name Verne was born in 1828 at the seaport of Nantes and he died in 1905 at his home in Amiens. Verne had black hair and a black beard as well. Jules Verne was a novelist a poet and he was known about his adventure novels. Sometimes he is called the…

Dream Cruise

Can you imagine being on a cruise ship right in the middle of the pacific ocean on your way to Hawaii? Well I can and I think it would be amazing!!! I really want to travel to Hawaii on a cruise ship and I want to do it with my friends. We would be at…