Trikala Corinthias

Trikala is a village in Peloponnese. It’s very close to Athens and it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. It is only two hours away from the capital of Greece and this makes it more attractive to people who live nearby. There are three settlements there, the upper,the middle and the lower Trikala. I…

Easter Customs Around the World

This is a few of the easter customs around the world. Write to us in the comment section your customs and celebrations for easter

In the House of a Killer

A short story based on a personal experience from the previous summer. Write if you want to read more of my stories.


The Sanatorium of Greece is located on the mt.Parnitha and was built in the 1917. Sanatoriums were basically hospitals that were specifically built to fight against a disease called tuberculosis, that was incurable back then, but when a medicine called penicillin was discovered people were able to cure it. In Greece people started heading for…

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas has come and I have thought of writing about Christmas traditions around the world. Let’s start with Ireland. In Ireland it is traditional to leave a glass of Guinness (black beer) and  mince meat pies for Santa Claus. Another strange Christmas tradition in parts of Spain, Italy and Portugal is to set up a miniature village…

Running All Around Nafplio

Read the story about what happened to our author PanosXGamer and his friends during his trip to Nafplio.