Watching a Match at Home VS Going to the Stadium

In this article I am writing about watching a match at home VS at stadium.


Watching Movie at Home Vs Cinema

This article is an essay about movies at home vs movies at cinema. Which do you prefer let me know and write your opinion on the comment section!!


If you have read George’s article about consoles, you know that both have excellent games. PES and FIFA are the best football games in their consoles. Most teens have PES or FIFA in their room. I will begin with PES. You can play various modes like ML (Master League), become a legend, my club and…

Playstation vs XBOX

Many kids all over the world play video games in consoles. Both the Playstation and the XBOX are very good consoles with excellent graphics each. In fact they are the most popular nowadays. Do you agree with me? Let’s start with the playstation. You can play intersting and fantastic video games. For example there are…