Up to the Readers

We all have people whom we love and enjoy spending time with. Our friends who some people consider to be the family that we chose. This time we would like our readers to submit pieces of writing about the people they believe to be their best friends. Let us know why they are special, what…

Submission Time

Let’s get to know each other a bit more. Challenges and questions are up. Answer the following questions in the comment section. Which area do you live in? What is the name of your two best friends? What is your favourite colour? Which colour do you like least? Which is your favourite game, book and…

Best Monster!

New poll to chose the best monster. Read and take your pick when you click!

Customs around the world

This is my second article about customs around the world if you didn’t read my first click on the link where you find in this article!

Your Turn: Hobbies

Hi everybody, this time we want to learn about your hobbies, tell us what they are, where you do them, when and with whom. We also want to know why you like them, so please take some time to inform us. Thanks!

Monster Series

Hello everybody! Traffic in our web magazine has gradually increased, and we are rather happy to have you as our readers. Our articles have received comments, and we encourage you to continue doing so. Many of our writers however would like something more interactive and a chance to win your appreciation. So, we decided to start…

Are Video Games Good or Bad for us?

Have you ever played video games before? Well some people say that they are bad for our health while some others that they are good for sharpening our mind. what do you think about them? In my opinion there are disadvantages and advantages as well. The disadvantages are that people do not exercise enough, they…

Your Submissions: Favourite Actors

Write and tell us who your favourite actor or actress is. In the first paragraph tell us in which film and when did you first see them, their name, age and some of their movies. In the second paragraph tell us why you like them, what your favourite movie is and why you think they…

Your Submissions: At the Weekend

Write to us about your weekend! Send us two paragraphs. Tell us what you do on Saturdays and what you do on Sundays! Do you hang out with friends or family? Do you play sports or games? Do you watch TV or plays?