Rocket League

This article is about Rocket League a football game with rocket-powered cars with many customizations.

Easter Customs Around the World

This is a few of the easter customs around the world. Write to us in the comment section your customs and celebrations for easter

Doctor Strange

This film is a film review about Doctor strange, an American science fiction film with lots of actions and an epic soundtrack!

In the House of a Killer

A short story based on a personal experience from the previous summer. Write if you want to read more of my stories.

Fanatical Greek Clubs

this article is about greek fanatical clubs and their fans. Write on the comment section your opinion about their behaviour

Using Mobile Phones in School

This article is an essay about if the students must bring their phones in the school! Write your opinion in the comment section

Souvlaki apo Kounia

I take place in the writing challenge with this article if you want to take place in the challenge write in the article about challenge your story in the commnet section

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is one my most favourite comic books series! Read the article and see the trailer of the film.

LeBron James

This article is about Lebron James’ Life. Read it and write to as if you want learn about someone else!

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas has come and I have thought of writing about Christmas traditions around the world. Let’s start with Ireland. In Ireland it is traditional to leave a glass of Guinness (black beer) and  mince meat pies for Santa Claus. Another strange Christmas tradition in parts of Spain, Italy and Portugal is to set up a miniature village…