Finding Info on the Internet or on TV

An essay with the advantages and disadvantages of finding info on the Internet or on TV



One custom that we have in Greece and maybe sounds a bit unusual to you is tsiknopempti which is a day once per year, it always falls on a Thursday and we roast meat and eat until we are stuffed. The reason of this custom is because the next day and the previous day, are…

A Really Bad Day

One year ago, when I was at school and I was having a lesson, suddenly a storm started and a thunder struck the electricity pillar. The lights switched off and we were hearing a noise coming from the second floor. Many of the girls were scared so much that they started screaming. Our teacher told us to go…

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus VIllage one of the best places to visit for winter holidays!!!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a professional driver of Formula 1 and he was born in the United Kingdom on the 7th of January 1985 . He is one of the best pilots of all time and maybe the best still running pilot. Lewis is a four-time champion in Formula 1. Three times with Mercedes AMG petronas…

T.G.I. Friday’s

In this article i write a review about T.G.I Fridays a restaurant i like to go. Write in the comment section if you have a place that you like to go and it with your friends.

Exchange Programmes at School

Exchange programmes at school is a method for students to meet new people, other traditions, foods and improve their English skills. This programme has a good and a bad side. The good side is that the students will learn new things about other countries but the bad side of such a programme is that the…

Watching Movie at Home Vs Cinema

This article is an essay about movies at home vs movies at cinema. Which do you prefer let me know and write your opinion on the comment section!!

Rocket League

This article is about Rocket League a football game with rocket-powered cars with many customizations.