Smartphone Vs Computer

Both Smartphones and computers are very popular with teenagers today. Most teens today have both smartphones and computers too. But which of these items do teens need the most?

Let’s start with the mobile phone. Many teens use their mobile phones to keep in touch with friends and family. For example, I use my phone to send text messages, talk with my brothers, my mum, dad, my best friends Nikos or Kostas, send emails or go into Facebook.  I also use it to take photos.

And what about the computer? You can use computers for many things. For instance, I use my computer to play video-games, send emails, download music or do my homework . I watch videos about video-games, NBA, matches and read online magazines like prasinanea, minecraft news or news about cars too.

So which one is more useful? If you ask me, I can do more with my computer than with my mobile phone. That’s why, in my opinion, most teens would find computer more useful than a mobile phone.


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  1. Thanos Game Hunter says:

    I like computers and smartphones too. I really like your article! I agree with you. Keep writing about VS battles!


    1. thanks thanos I dont now what to write about can youhelp me?


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